Lego to Launch Watches for Adults

Lego Digital Watch

If you thought you were now too old to play with LEGO, think again as the Danish toy giant is set to launch a collection of wristwatches designed specifically for adults. Years after producing watches for their usual target audience of children, LEGO have decided to hit the adult market and appeal to those who are still kids at heart.

Even though the watches are styled and sized for adults, we understand the watches will have interchangeable parts such as swappable bezels and bracelet links, all adding to the fun. The ‘LEGO Watch System’, as the collection will be officially known, will hit the market in November 2013.

From unofficial leaks of the pre-production watches, we have an idea that the watch cases will be about 40mm wide and made of plastic, with some being partially aluminium or steel. There will also be an impressive variety of colours and shapes on offer, ranging from “silly to rather sensible”, with the ability to arrange bracelet links to customise the style of your own watch.

Lego Watch 2The LEGO watches are bound to have a nostalgic feel for many people who grew up playing with the famous building blocks as children; but the timepieces are set to be extremely practical and not just a gimmick.

We understand the watches will be priced between £70 to £150.

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