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Mens Emporio Armani Chrono Watch

Owning a mens Emporio Armani chronograph watch is something of a statement. These stylish watches combine great looks and impressive functions to bring you the perfect watch. See more.

The chronograph functions of the watches in this Emporio Armani range act as a stop-watch, allowing you time anything you wish. The elapsed time is displayed via two or three dials in the centre of the face of the watch. Each dial revolves at a different pace, which is relevant to the other dials through a connected network of train wheels within the watch mechanism. The first dial revolves once a second, the second dial revolves once every 60 seconds, and lastly the third dial revolves once every 60 minutes.

Some of the Emporio Armani chronograph watches available here, such as the Classic Retro chronograph watch (AR0385), have two dials in their chronograph mechanism. On this occasion the dials work perfectly with the overall image that is presented by the watch, and this is ultimately the reason for the designers over at Emporio Armani choosing to use just the two dials.

The styles of the watches in the Emporio Armani chronograph watch collection are diverse, varying significantly from one model to another, but with each incorporating the chronograph function. Models such as the AR2432 are refined and genteel in appearance and would look perfectly at home on the wrist of a suited executive. On the other hand more sporty looking varieties are available which call on modern styling to achieve their image. An example of an Emporio Armani chronograph watch of this style might be the AR1410 with it's all over black appearance and copper-toned details.

Here at Watch Hub you can purchase from us safe in the knowledge that we're a reputable online retailer with many years experience. In addition to this our online purchasing process is quick, pain-free and most importantly, secure.

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