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Mens Tissot Couturier Watch

When you think of a Swiss watch, it's quite possible that the one you're picturing is from the mens Tissot Couturier watch range. These impressive watches are available in numerous different iconic styles, and are constructed in a number of different materials. This ultimately means that it's likely that Tissot have a Couturier watch which will meet your specifications for a timepiece. See more.

Some variants, such as the Tissot Titanium chronograph watch (TO69.417.44.041.00) utilise strong, light-weight Titanium metal as the material of choice for the casing and strap to be made out of. This is a truly remarkable watch, and will be sure to mark you out from the crowd.

Many of the watches within the Tissot Couturier range have a chronograph function built in. This element of the watch's mechanism allows for the user to use the watch as a stop-watch. The most common configuration is three chronograph dials in the centre of the face of the watch. Each dial takes a different amount of time to make one revolution, 1 second, 60 seconds, and 60 minutes respectively. This allows for the effective keeping of time by the user in a timing scenario.

Mens Tissot Couturier watches can also differ in other aspects other than looks and chronograph features. Each one of these differences means that you are more likely to find a refined Tissot watch that's just right for you. Some of the watches in this range incorporate a Swiss Quartz movement; this is an incredibly accurate movement, in fact it's the most accurate movement available to watch manufacturers today.

Other watches in this range offer an impressive Swiss Automatic watch mechanism. This mechanism doesn't need a battery and is instead charged by the movement of the wearer. A weighted rotor spins with the movement of the wrist, and as it does so winds the spring of the watch, which in turn drives the watch as it slowly unwinds. This manufacturing technique means that so long as you keep wearing your mens Tissot Couturier watch, it'll keep ticking.

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