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Mens Tissot PR100 Watch

The mens Tissot PR100 watch range is an incredibly distinctive and recognisable range amongst the products on offer from Tissot. In this style the large round circular face protrudes beyond the width of the rest of the casing, most noticeably the part which attaches to the strap of the watch. This design feature gives the watch a clean and finely tuned appearance. See more.

The Tissot PR100 products available vary greatly in their styles and details. Some have been constructed of light-weight Titanium, like the T049.410.44.051, this material offers the very best in protection at a comfortable weight for your wrist. Other variants of Tissot PR100 have cases constructed in sturdy Stainless Steel, a respected material in the watch manufacturing business in its own right.

When looking for a mens Tissot PR100 the mechanism contained within should always be a consideration you should have when coming to a decision. There are a lot of impressive looking PR100 watches available, but at the end of the day the watch's functionality is based entirely on the inner workings. Luckily enough Tissot are a well established Swiss watch manufacturer, and are experts in their field.

Two impressive mechanism types are available in Tissot PR100 watches, each of which has their own merits. Firstly there is the Swiss Quartz movement. A Quartz movement is the most accurate type of movement available to watch manufacturers in terms of seconds lost over a fixed period of time. Secondly we have the Swiss Automatic movement. This movement uses a weighted rotor which turns around a pivot as the watch moves upon a wearer's wrist. The rotor then winds the spring of the watch meaning that the system doesn't require a battery to operate. Watches in the mens Tissot PR100 watch range such as the T049.407.11.031.00 employ this mechanism to keep running.

Buying a mens Tissot PR100 watch from Watch Hub is a simple and safe process, backed up by the inclusion of a 2 year official guarantee, and all tucked away within an official Tissot presentation box.

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