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Ebel Watches

EBEL: The Architects Of Time

One of the most luxurious watch brands of our time is EBEL, "The Architects of Time". The fine watches in the EBEL collection are highly sought after, as this is a truly special brand with a respectable history. See more.

A History of the EBEL Swiss Watch Brand

The brand name EBEL comes from the names of the two founders, Eugene Blum and his wife Alice Levy (Eugene Blum Et Levy). The couple founded EBEL in July 1911, when they registered their new luxury watch brand with the Chamber of Commerce La Chaux-de-Fonds, which is the Swiss watch design capital. A year later in 1912, they launched their first watch and another two years after this in 1914, EBEL attended the Swiss National Exhibition and received a gold medal. When the medal was won, the brand became very well known, and other watch brands would even purchase watches from EBEL to then sell on under their own company or brand name. Over the next ten years or so, this was how EBEL made much of its profit. In 1925, EBEL won 'Grand Prix' at the Parisian Decorative Arts Exhibition for their elegant and quality Art Deco watches made from Onyx, emeralds, platinum and diamonds.

In October of 1929, the couple's son Charles Blum joined his parents at the company. At this time, with the help of Marcel Reuche, a renowned watchmaker, EBEL had fail-safe control systems put in place to ensure the first-class quality of all watches produced by the company. The brand were given a Diploma of Honour at the Barcelona Exhibition, and in the same year EBEL launched the baguette movement clockwork, which was the first time it had ever been used in jewellery wristwatches.

In the following years, the brand won many more Diplomas of Excellence at various exhibitions across Europe, and from 1939 to 1945, EBEL began to produce watches for the British RAF. In 1971, Charles Blum's son (Eugene and Alice's grandson) Pierre-Alain Blum joined and the company and launched the Brasilia range, increasing the popularity of the brand even further. In 1999, EBEL was taken over by luxury French brand LVMH, and then by luxury Group MGI International.

What Makes EBEL Special?

EBEL is such a magnificent watch brand for many reasons. First of all, the Blum family were all innovators in watch making and came up with many award winning mechanisms and artistic designs, most of which were sought after by international luxury brands for resale.

The brand is known for its use of luxury materials - in the modern day, many of the pieces feature ceramic bracelets, 18K Gold bezels and crowns, diamonds and stone set bezels and mother of pearl dials for a dazzling appearance. The watches are the height of sophistication, most of which being highly polished for a real feeling of luxury. EBEL is a brand that offers affordable luxury. Having recently surpassed its 100th anniversary, the brand has, as you would imagine, a huge collection of styles to choose from, making it a brand that appeals to almost everybody.

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