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Citizen Eco-Drive

Choosing the right watch can be difficult with so many options at your disposal. Price, style and functionality are important considerations but you will also have to think about which type of movement is right for you, mechanical, automatic or quartz. Our guides to automatic watches and quartz watches provide detailed explanations of how each type of movement works and should help you decide what best suits your taste and lifestyle. If you like the idea of quartz movements which offer unrivalled accuracy but would appreciate not having to replace the battery then Citizen Eco-Drive watches could be the perfect solution for you.

Citizen Eco-Drive Technology

Eco-Drive is a revolutionary technology which uses an amorphous silicon photo cell to harnesses light from any source, natural or artificial. The light is then converted into energy and stored in a titanium lithium ion secondary battery. The energy reserves are sufficient to keep the watch going for six months and often much longer if not exposed to light. Some models feature a hibernation function which stops the hands of the watch moving to conserve energy. Here the watch still keeps time accurately, it is merely the display which stops working until the timepiece is exposed to more light.

The technology ensures that Eco-Drive watches never stop and the battery never needs replacing. Citizen Eco-Drive watches are the ultimate stylish accessory for the modern lifestyle that you can always rely on to get you there on time without any concerns over battery life. Here's how Citizen themselves explain their innovation.

A Responsible Choice

Eco-Drive watches offer stylish design and all the functionality you are looking for but they are also an environmentally friendly choice. Conventional quartz watches have batteries, usually silver oxide button batteries, which have a limited lifespan and must be regularly replaced. Although it is possible to recycle the batteries, in practice the vast majority are simply discarded and end up in landfill. Such batteries also consume valuable resources in their manufacture. As Eco-Drive batteries never need replacing, resources can be saved and the disposal of millions of batteries has already been eliminated. Citizen Eco-Drive watches also boast presentation boxes which are largely made from recycled materials.

Visible Technology?

You may be wondering if Eco-Drive models look different to other watches and whether you can see the photo cells that harness the light. Early watches featuring this type of technology did have clearly visible cells as they were mounted on the face of the timepiece. The development of the Eco-Drive caliber 7878 movement meant that cells could be placed under the dial where they are barely visible, if at all and so the beauty of the designs and the stylish looks are not affected by the revolutionary technology that powers the watches.

Eco-Drive at Watch Hub

At Watch Hub we have an extensive range of Citizen Eco-Drive watches for both men and women offering all the functionality and features that you are looking for with the convenience of a battery that never dies! Whether you are looking for a chronograph, a dive watch or the technological brilliance of a radio controlled model, you are sure to discover just what you need and a whole lot more in the Eco-Drive range at Watch Hub.

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